Research & Grants

Research Programs

The Spinoza Foundation recognises that societal challenges can only be overcome once they are thoroughly understood. For this reason, we identify topics which merit greater understanding and provide grants to Research Programs to carry out the necessary research, usually over several years.

Research Programs are teams typically led by senior economists, often from the Foundation Advisory Board, who mentor the ideas of junior academics in the socio-economic area in question.

The Spinoza Foundation is forging partnerships with leading academic centres (universities, think-tanks and other research-oriented institutions) around the world to establish intellectual hubs to consider socio-economic matters. A large network of centres in different countries helps to provide a global network of scholars enabling them to interact with one another. This global reach broadens the spectrum of our public policy analysis allowing our research to impact policymakers and academics for the benefit of the general public, worldwide.

Our approach to collaborative thinking encourages innovative ideas which may influence new policies, business decisions and societal behaviour. The Spinoza Foundation thinks of tomorrow’s world.


The Spinoza Foundation awards grants annually to academics from both ends of the political spectrum who research an area of social or economic policy which impacts the public generally. Our grants   allow topics within the public interest to be scrutinised and concepts which could shape public policy to be analysed. The Spinoza Foundation follows an objective grant – making policy when awarding grants for research which can be found at the following link: